January 18 Materials

 MC # 8408-01 Geometric pattern tin inlay

A handmade technique made by Lebanese artisans, using noble Middle Eastern materials, but showcasing the geometric, minimalist lines associated with the Far East. Arabesque patterns made of tin are superimposed into materials like acacia wood and acrylic through a traditional hand inlaying technique. Applications include furniture, interiors, and jewelry.

MC # 5128-12 CF GP 1000

Continuous, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic solution that offers tunable performance, aesthetics, and economics of scale to create thinner and lighter products. The composite can also be coated, embossed, and even laser etched to create beautiful surfaces that sound and feel like metal, but offer the design freedom of plastics. Applications include consumer electronic housing. 

MC # 8551-01 Flexible touch-sensitive material to replace electronic sensors

A patented technology powered by special 3D surface geometry design and sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Instead of embedding sensor matrix or switches, the material's own sensing property is used to generate touch signals. Applications include automotive interiors, agile handheld games, and even flexible computer peripherals.

MC # 7852-01 Faiv

A combination of 3D touch sensor, software, and hardware customized to transform clothes to incorporate smart functions. It looks and feels like conventional fabric and leather, but the sensor inside enables the user to control smart devices such as smartphones and IoT devices by simply touching the area where the technology is incorporated.

MC # 7929-01 MagZip

Magnetic zipper (also known as QuickZip) that makes it convenient to use the zipper with just one hand, or with gloves on. The magnets automatically align and lock themselves into place, providing easy snapping that zips effortlessly, with one hand or two. Applications include sports apparel, fashion, bedding, luggage, and accessories.

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