January 18 Materials

MC # 8431-01 SpinD Gold: A patented and novel white gold alloy made using a combination of gold (Au) and tungsten. This new white gold is innovative because it is the densest gold alloy ever obtained to date, and its brilliance and whiteness are of first rate quality.

MC # 8651-01 Clean Plastic: Highly sustainable, lightweight, and nontoxic fire retardant (FR) polymer compounds able to pass NFPA-701 and Cal Title 19 testing. The compounds have non-detectable levels of toxicity, superior fire resistance and UV properties, and are cost-competitive. 

MC # 8172-01 2-Component Molding with Zirconia: An injection molding process for zirconia that combines the excellent characteristics of ceramics with the high formability and accuracy of the injection technique, while providing beautiful aesthetic appearance. With this process, zirconia parts can be made that would not have been possible using standard machining techniques in a range of colors, thereby overcoming its single-color limitation without compromising on performance.

MC # 8510-01 Cellulose Nanocrystals: Cellulose nanocrystals that are inherently strong, sustainable, and non-toxic with tunable optical, chemical, and electrical properties to create new or improved products for use in personal care and health care. The material is made from wood fibers obtained from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources using sulfuric acid hydrolysis, and is completely biodegradable.

MC # 8761-01 High Performance Bio Pigments and Finishes for Textiles: A high-performance, bio-based pigment for textiles developed to create a sustainable dyeing process. This new black pigment comes from FSC certified wood waste or surplus from the timber industry. The process to produce the pigment involves heat, but the wood is not burned. The wood is heated, and steam from this process is used to power the production equipment. The pigment can be applied to textile materials including cotton and viscose.

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